• San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

Written Testimony for HB 4392

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

On April 23, your Chamber of Commerce submitted written testimony to the House Ways & Means Committee in support of House Bill 4392. Incentives for the Film and TV industry can generate significant economic growth by creating jobs, supporting small businesses and infrastructure development, generating tax revenue, and increasing tourism.

House Bill 4392, sponsored by Rep. Four Price, will help Texas maintain a competitive edge with other states, such as New Mexico and Georgia, who have seen incredible and rapid expansion of the film and production induction over recent years. These incentive programs are critical to attracting and retaining Film and TV production-related activity to Texas. If Texas does not update and adopt new and more robust incentive structures, the state risks permanently losing their existing market share, corresponding jobs and associated economic benefits in this fast growing and technology driven industry. We believe House Bill 4392 will facilitate growth opportunities for the San Antonio region and the State of Texas.

HB 4392 is related to HB 2417. HB 2417 would update the Texas Moving Image Industry Incentives Program to include film and tv production Infrastructure. HB 4392 will create a sustainable funding source for incentives. This sustainable funding source is important to San Antonio because there is a film and tv production project already in the works.