• San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

Texas Senate Passes Trucking Liability Bill (HB 19)

HB 19, the trucking liability bill to end abusive lawsuits in commercial vehicle accidents, passed the Texas Senate last week and is heading to the Governor’s desk for signature. On May 19, the Texas Senate initially voted unanimously to pass HB 19; Senator Miles later changed his vote to no. On April 30 the Texas House passed HB 19 in an 81-49 vote, and it was voted out of the Senate Transportation Committee with a 9-0 vote, on May 12.

Abusive commercial vehicle lawsuits have created an unsustainable environment that is crushing small businesses and seriously threatening jobs across Bexar County and the state. As a result, we are seeing less availability of insurance for commercial vehicles and radically increased premiums, which pose an enormous risk to our economy. HB 19 allows Texans to access the courts when they are truly injured and hold bad actors accountable for their actions on the road, while shutting down the abusive litigation tactics.