• San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

Texas Senate Passes BAMC Civilian Trauma Billing & Collections Bill (HB 2365)

HB 2365 helps safeguard a vital program within our military medical community, specifically the level 1 Trauma Center at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC), which provides the highest level of care for our military service members, families, veterans, and civilian patients who find themselves in need of well trained and ready trauma assistance.

HB 2365 offers an important state exemption related to BAMC’s ability to receive reimbursement for inpatient emergency services and certain related outpatient services, specifically surrounding their civilian trauma patients. HB 2365 seeks to address Medicaid billing concerns by confirming that BAMC is considered a Medicaid provider and subsequently prohibits the Health and Human Services Commission from limiting the time period a Medicaid recipient may receive inpatient emergency services from the hospital. The legislation aims to remedy the ongoing billing and collection issue for BAMC related to the State’s Uncompensated Trauma Care funding program enacted by House Bill 3588 from the 78th Texas Legislature. Approximately 85% of trauma patients treated at BAMC are civilians, with their care being provided under the provision of the United States Army’s Secretarial Designee (SECDES) program. Solving the ongoing Civilian Trauma Billing and Collections issue for BAMC will greatly benefit Texas Citizens who receive unparalleled care at the hospital and will ensure the ongoing military training of lifesaving medical procedures continues, which positively impacts the health of our Nation’s treasure of service members worldwide.

HB 2365 passed the House on May 5 with a vote of 91-55, with 1 present, not voting. With passage in the Senate today, the next step is the Governor’s desk for signature.