• San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

COVID Protocols at the State Capitol

The next two weeks will continue to be a flurry of activity to present and pass legislation. The Capitol is open to the public, and if you are planning on attending a hearing or presenting testimony, please be aware of the following procedures. The North entrance to the Capitol has beige tents staffed by our Texas National Guard members who will gladly administer a COVID test free of charge. Once a negative result is obtained, a band will be placed on your wrist and you may proceed to the entrance for admittance into the Capitol. If you have received a completed COVID-19 vaccine regimen, you can present your vaccine card and proper ID to the guard members, and you can receive a wrist band without having to undergo a COVID test. All Senate Committees and some House Committees require a wrist band for admittance. Each legislator can dictate COVID protocol and entrance requirements to their offices. Some legislators are still only allowing Zoom visits or pre-arranged limited in person visits and others have an open-door policy. It is still best to email or call ahead before a visit to legislators.