• San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

Chapter 313 Reauthorization

House Bill 1556, a bill aimed at extending (by 10 years) and reforming the Texas Economic Development Act, also known as “Chapter 313” of the Texas Tax Code, was heard on the House Floor this week. Unfortunately, after several amendments were offered, author Rep. Jim Murphy ultimately pulled the bill and postponed it until June 1, effectively killing his own bill.

Your Chamber has been advocating for reauthorization of Chapter 313 since the interim session, and recently sent letters and emails, made calls, and garnered the support of local and state-wide coalitions to join in the effort. House Bill 1556 is a bill that had been negotiated and agreed upon by both industry and school representatives.

While House Bill 1556 may be dead, House Bill 4242 (Meyer), which offers a two-year extension of Chapter 313, passed the House on May 8 and has been sent over to the Senate. Your Chamber sent a letter in support of the bill when heard in the Ways and Means Committee.

Chapter 313 expires on December 31, 2022 and requires reauthorization on the part of the Texas Legislature in order to continue to support investment and job creation. We will continue to monitor House Bill 4242 closely.