• San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

Chamber sends Governor Abbott request for more COVID vaccines

Your San Antonio Chamber, in partnership with San Antonio sister chambers, sent a letter to Governor Greg Abbott on Friday March 5, to request an increase in COVID-19 vaccines for San Antonio and Bexar County. San Antonio is the only large city in Texas that does not have a mass vaccination site. The Social Vulnerability index in San Antonio is the highest in the state. This makes the need for increased availability of vaccine and vaccination site(s) in San Antonio more critical.

On March 10, 2021, the Texas Department of State Health Services announced that beginning Monday, March 15, 2021, Texans age 50 and older are eligible for COVID-19 vaccines. The expansion of eligibility requirements for COVID-19 vaccines will undoubtedly increase the already high demand. More vaccines are necessary to meet high demand.

San Antonio has successfully established the capacity and infrastructure to receive, distribute and administer vaccinations. Our business community is excited and eager to get employees and neighbors vaccinated quickly so we may eradicate the coronavirus pandemic and get employees back into their workplaces. Timely vaccinations to large population centers of Texas will have a massive impact on our citizenry and businesses state-wide and be the catalyst to restoring consumer confidence and increasing economic activity. With increased availability of vaccines in San Antonio, we are certain we can spur business recovery and help Texas remain the economic powerhouse it has always been. We believe that providing additional COVID-19 vaccinations to San Antonio and Bexar County is an integral part of helping our state recover in a safe and meaningful way.

For more information, please contact Stephanie Reyes, VP of Public Policy at sreyes@sachamber.org or by phone at 210-229-2162.