• San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

Budget Conferees Appointed

In the Texas Legislature, only one bill is required to pass each session: the state budget. Following last week’s adoption on the House Committee Substitute for Senate Bill 1, the appropriations bill for the 2022-23 biennium, both the Texas House and Texas Senate acted quickly to appoint budget conferees. They are listed below. The conferees met on Thursday, April 29, in a brief organizational meeting in which the Legislative Budget Board provided an overview of the differences between the House and Senate versions of SB 1. Of note, there is only a difference of $750 million between the House and Senate versions of SB 1. This meeting of conferees is important as legislators meet to hash out a compromise on the state budget.

Senate Conferees:

  • Sen. Jane Nelson, Chair

  • Sen. Joan Huffman 

  • Sen. Lois Kolkhorst

  • Sen. Robert Nichols 

  • Sen. Larry Taylor  

House Conferees:

  • Rep. Greg Bonnen, Chair

  • Rep. Giovanni Capriglione 

  • Rep. Mary González 

  • Rep. Armando Walle 

  • Rep. Terry Wilson