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  • Supports legislation that:

    • Allows Military Treatment Facilities (MTF) to become participating Medicaid Providers, exempt from state Medicaid laws that have potential conflict with federal law and enables the participating provider to bill Medicaid.

    • Requires Texas Medicaid to pay MTFs the billed amount or the local published rate.

    • Adds MTFs to the state’s Surprise Billing Law similar to statutes enabling MTFs to pay Worker’s Comp, thereby:

      • Allowing them to charge the full reimbursable rate (federal law requirement)

      • Requiring insurance companies to pay the MTF at the billed rate or the local published rate

      • Avoiding balance billing since MTF considers local published rates as payment in full

      • Assisting the insured or the uninsured

    • Remedies the ongoing billing and collection issue for Brooke Army Medical Center related to the State’s Uncompensated Trauma Care funding program enacted by House Bill (HB) 3588, 78th Texas Legislature since lump sums that offset unpaid operating costs of a facility cannot be applied to individual patient costs.