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Highways and Transit – Surface Transportation

  • Supports a federal transportation (infrastructure) initiative and/or the next federal Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill.


  • Supports increased funding opportunities for operations and capital expenses in collaboration with local partners to advance multimodal transportation options as identified and supported by locally driven processes.


  • Supports an increase in Capital Investment Grant funding and program limits, specifically within Small Starts.


  • Supports extension of the Alternative Fuels Tax Credit.


  • Supports increased funding for Bus and Bus Facilities within federal transit funding.


  • Supports legislative language for the usage of alternative fuels as a transition toward a higher usage of electric vehicles as technology demonstrates usable range and capability.


  • Supports continued supplemental support for public transit as COVID-19 recovery occurs.


  • Supports monitoring and opposing actions and measures which would negatively impact the ability of VIA and the Advanced Transportation District to provide service to our customers and communities.


  • Supports additional federal assistance for the entire aviation sector - to include airports - in response to the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic upon the aviation industry.


  • Supports promoting an aviation component to comprehensive infrastructure legislation that will provide supplemental funding sources to improve our nation's airport infrastructure and passenger experience.  


  • Supports an increase in Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funding and greater flexibility for the use of AIP funds.  Support raising or eliminating the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) cap of $4.50. 


  • Supports Congressional changes to the Perimeter Rule and/or Slot Rule in order to secure a nonstop flight from San Antonio International Airport to Washington Reagan National Airport (SAT-DCA)."