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  • Supports robust public-private partnerships between the DoD and the private sector on sustainment of aircraft and engines, thereby leveraging decades of expertise and efficiency to ensure continued military readiness and long-term cost savings to the United States Government and taxpayers.

    • ​Supports the retention and extension of aircraft and engine maintenance workloads in San Antonio.

  • Supports efforts to establish/expand funding mechanisms for transportation infrastructure, including industrial airport facilities such as Kelly Field that serve as critical and strategic assets for industry, trade, and our military, as well as for disaster response and emergency management.

  • Supports securing full funding for the aviation technicians and pilot education programs ($5 million each) as part of the FY 2021 appropriations process.

  • Supports authorizing and appropriating additional funding to improve Department of Defense (DoD) military readiness rates and reduce the maintenance backlog in tactical aviation in our military services.

  • Supports additional engineering, maintenance, and modification work to support the DoD, military missions, and commercial aviation industrial work in San Antonio, thereby leveraging San Antonio’s excellent capability, capacity, and competitive rates.